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Percebes de Galicia - Goose Barnacles by Conservas de Cambados


Percebes de Galicia - Goose Barnacles by Conservas de Cambados

Rare Delicacy, Hand-harvested | SE-198

All Natural

se-198 se-198
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  • A rare and exquisite delicacy
  • Hand-harvested in Galicia
  • Canned fresh near the source
  • Fresh seafood flavor
  • By Conservas de Cambados
  • Size - 4 oz/111 gr tin

Percebes are the wildest, most spectacular seafood in Spain! They are briny and fresh, with a taste somewhere between lobster and clam. They are painstakingly harvested by hand off the wave-battered rocky shores of Galicia in Spain's northwest.

At most Galician restaurants, these delicate goose barnacles are served steaming hot and can sell for up to 100 euros a serving. Our friends at Conservas de Cambados have accomplished an incredible feat by preserving these delicate, flavorful percebes in a can. The masters at Cambados source directly from the fishermen and carefully prepare each batch by hand.

Why are these goose barnacles so precious? Each one is harvested with a knife from treacherous wave-battered rocks. Foragers dash between giant crashing waves to cut away a small handful of these precious barnacles, a very dangerous endeavor indeed.

Serve these delicate percebes with a bottle of Albariño white wine. If you prefer them warm, submerge the can in a “baña maría,” or a bowl of very hot water for ten minutes before opening. And don’t forget a freshly baked loaf of Galician bread!

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