Photo of Grilling Sampler of Spanish Sausages

Grilling Sampler of Spanish Sausages (2.25 Pounds)

Grilling Sampler of Spanish Sausages (2.25 Pounds)

Butifarra, Morcilla & Chorizo (U.S. Made)

Item: CZ-37

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  • Butifarra, morcilla & cooking chorizo
  • Three packages of sausage
  • Great for grilling!
  • U.S. made from Spanish recipes
  • USDA inspected
  • Size - 2.25 lbs

Grill up the flavor of Spain with this selection of delicious sausages! Every town and village in Spain has its variation of pork sausage, from the white butifarras of Catalunya to the smoky chorizos of Castilla y León. This sampler offers a variety perfect for the grill.

Included are: artisan cooking chorizos made with pork and smoky pimentón de La Vera paprika (0.75 lb, 4 links); Catalan butifarra white sausages with black pepper (0.75 lb, 3-4 links); and black morcilla sausages with onions (0.75 lb, 4 links).

Fresh sausages are very difficult to import from Spain, so we work with small family producers here in U.S. to create Spanish style sausages from traditional recipes and imported ingredients.

These products do not come packed in a gift box and will not be packed separately from other products in your order.