Gordal Olives Stuffed with Cocktail Onions

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Cocktail Onions

Distinct, Meaty Queen Olives

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  • Salty olive with sweet crunch of cocktail onions
  • Each olive is stuffed by hand
  • Water, vinegar and salt marinade
  • Great for cocktails or cooking
  • Housed in attractive jar
  • Size - 198 gr/6.98 oz

The smooth, sweet taste of cocktail onions bursts through the salty, firm flesh of these large Gordal olives. Crunchy and colossal, place them in bowls at cocktail parties or add directly to your drink of choice. They pair especially well with a vodka martini. The sweetness of the onion cuts through the salt of the olive, making this delicacy a welcomed addition to antipasto trays alongside various types of cheeses and meats.

Referred to as queen olives in the United States due to their generous size, Gordal olives have a lower oil content and higher sugar content than other varieties. They are perfect for parties and professional kitchens alike.

By our request, each olive is meticulously stuffed with fresh whole onions by hand instead of filled with onion paste as many are. Exclusive to La Tienda, these olives originate from Losada, a family-owned company in the quaint town of Carmona. Housed on a ridge and peering down into the plains of Andalusia, this charming town is reminiscent of a fairy tale with its ancient architecture, fountains, and even a refurbished castle at the highest point of the city.

We recommend serving the olives chilled for optimal flavor.