Essential Paella Ingredients

Essential Paella Ingredients

Ingredients for 2 or 3 Perfect Paellas! (Pan Not Included)

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  • Five premium ingredients for a great paella
  • Create a paella masterpiece
  • Makes up to 3 paellas
  • Just add vegetables and meat

Here are the premium ingredients to create the perfect paella! They really do make a difference - these artisan foods elevate a normal paella to a remarkable one. And there is enough here to make two or three paellas.

First, we include the heart of paella, premium short-grained paella rice from the village of Calasparra. Grown in paddies filled with cool mountain water, the rice grows slowly to form a dense grain, able to absorb all the flavors of paella without becoming soft.

Next, the queen of spices, saffron from La Mancha. We work with a family in the village of Minaya that picks their saffron crocuses by hand and toasts the saffron for the most aromatic flavor.

Our wood-fire roasted piquillo pepper slices are sweet and smoky, adding a complexity of flavor to paella. Cleaned by hand and packed in their own juices in La Rioja.

Mild Pimentón de La Vera is an intensely smoky paprika. La Dalia smokes their peppers for 15 days over oak wood before milling them on granite millstones to create a silky red paprika.

Finally, we include our favorite extra virgin olive oil, Señorío de Vizcántar. This flavorful fruity oil is nicely balanced, adding a richness to paella.

To create a paella masterpiece, be sure to start with the best ingredients from Spain!


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