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La Tienda in the Press

The New York Times - March 02, 2015
The New York Times

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To Drizzle: The Olive Oil Is Just a Start
Florence Fabricant

The opaque blue glass bottle with a chunky wood stopper is a draw. Finish the excellent organic olive oil it contains, soak off the labels, and you have a serve-worthy vessel for more oil or your own vinaigrette. But first the oil itself: Bright chartreuse, viscous, fresh and floral with a subtle bite, it’s mostly from nevadillo blanco fruit that’s estate-grown in the hills above Córdoba in southern Spain. The family that farms the land has been at it since 1875; the importer, Culinary Collective, donates its profits so the family can eventually purchase the property: Olivar de la Luna, $38.95 for 17.5 ounces from tienda.com.

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