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La Tienda in the Press

Rachel Ray Every Day - March 26, 2018
Rachel Ray Every Day

5 Things Rachael Ray is Loving Right Now: Floral Boots, Veggie Tartare, and More

Put a little spring in your step with Rach's fresh new faves.
Christina Izzo

“Paul Virant is a terrific chef. His greater Chicago restaurants Vie and Vistro should definitely be on your list. Paul also has a company, Jar Sessions, which makes preserved vegetables that taste amazingly fresh, like a garden in a jar.”

"José Andrés is not only one of the most amazingly compassionate people around—his work for the people of Puerto Rico is so inspiring—but he’s also one of the greatest living chefs on Planet Earth. José Andrés Extra Virgin Olive Oil Potato Chips are the best. I eat them with crème fraîche and caviar. I love you, blini, and someday I’m sure you’ll come back. But until then, these chips are everything.” $7 for 6.7 ounces, tienda.com

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