No Ortolans Were Hurt During the Making of This Film

New York Times


December 12, 2023

‘The Taste of Things’ with Juliette Binoche, a nonalcoholic sparkler in a magnum, holiday stollens and more food news.

Florence Fabricant

Pop a Spanish Tortilla in the Microwave

They’ve shrunk the Spanish tortilla. The thick frittata of potatoes and onions, a tapas bar staple typically made for multiple servings now comes in minis from Peregrino by La Tienda, in Spain. Each is about four inches wide, making for an easy side dish alongside roasted meat or poultry, as the centerpiece on an individual vegetarian plate, or for a quick breakfast. Cut them in small wedges to toothpick and serve with drinks. The tortillas are four to a box, frozen and individually wrapped, to be heated in minutes in a microwave, a pan or a regular oven.

Peregrino Mini Tortilla Española, $32 for eight,

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