11 Best Bacon Brands, Reviewed

The Manual


October 24, 2020

Amanda Gabriele

There’s never been a more pressing time to indulge in comfort food. Now, we’re not here to judge, we promise. In fact, we’re here to in small ways encourage it. (We’re not saying give up on life and turn into Jabba the Hut, but indulging in things that you enjoy is important for mental health and we’re all for that.) One of the things we like to indulge in here at The Manual is one of the best meat products out there: Bacon.

That mixture of fat, salt, and crunch is downright addicting, especially if you’re biting into a piece of top-notch, quality meat. If you’re looking to buy the very best bacon, we rounded up 11 succulent brands for you to try. These porcine delights are at the top of their game, so you’re getting the very best when you fry up a strip.

Peregrino Ibérico de Bellota Bacon
This melt-in-your-mouth bacon is made from acorn-fed Spanish Ibérico pork that’s hand-rubbed with salt and slow-smoked over hickory in Kentucky. Ibérico pigs roam free in the Dehesa forests of southwest Spain where they get plenty of exercise and nutrients from an antioxidant-rich acorn diet. Nutty, smoky, savory, and sweet, the bacon from Peregrino Ibérico de Bellota Bacon from La Tienda is like an adventure for your palate.

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