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Cooking Pleasures Magazine - February 01, 2003
Cooking Pleasures Magazine

Spanish Ingredients

Spanish ingredients from Tienda.com
Reprinted with permission from Cooking Pleasures magazine.

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Spanish Ingredients

This is Spain's well known, dry-cured sausage that is seasoned with paprika and garlic. In Spain, it is sliced and eaten as a tapa, but it is also sued to season dishes, such as bean or chickpea stews.

Olive Oils

Spain produces olive oils of the highest quality, the result of the country's ideal growing conditions and remarkable selection of olive varieties. The oils range from subtle and mild to fruity and robust.

Piquillo Peppers

These delicate, wood-roasted, slightly piquant peppers have gained an enthusiastic following among chefs and home cooks. They are marvelous on their own, in salads or lightly sautéed, and most elegant when stuffed with meat or fish.


These dried, sweet red peppers are used extensively in Spanish cooking to lend a distinctive earthy flavor to salad dressings, vegetables and sauces for fish.


Spain's anchovies are among the world's best. Look for those i jars, which tend to be better quality and allow you to see what you are buying. Anchovies should be firm but succulent and not overly salty.


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