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Bon Appétit - February 18, 2014
Bon Appétit

Inside the (Very Active) Mind of Bobby Flay

Adam Rapoport

Sizzle Like Flay

When Bobby Flay spent a day in the BA Test Kitchen, he reached again and again for the terra-cotta dishes called cazuelas (kah-SWEH-las). Why all the love? These lightweight vessels, ubiquitous in Spain, can go from oven to table, and come in a full range of sizes. (Plus, they’re inexpensive and look great!)

Flay, who favors the eight-inch size, uses them to roast mushrooms with garlic and shallots, sizzle shrimp or squid in chile-infused oil, and slow-roast salmon.

We’re hooked; now it’s your turn.

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