Valdeón Blue Cheese - 1.1 Pounds

Valdeón Blue Cheese - 1.1 Pounds

Creamy & Bold Cave Aged Blue Cheese

All Natural

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  • Blue cheese from Leon, Spain
  • Blend of cow and goat milks
  • Very creamy, assertive yet smooth
  • Cave aged for a minimum of two months
  • Milder than Cabrales, stronger than Stilton
  • Size - 1.1 lb/500 gr

Valdeón is ideal for those who shy away from the strong punch of Cabrales blue cheese, but still long for a kick of authentic blue. Rich with a bit of a bite, Valdeón is delicious served with fresh fruit and a strong red wine. This is the perfect blue to melt on your steak or burger.

A small, family-owned cheese maker in Leon, Spain, crafts this delectable blue cheese and ages them in natural caves. Rich, silky cow’s milk is combined with tangy, pungent goat’s milk to create a creamy cheese with notable flavor.

Serve Valdeón blue cheese next to some of its milder cousins on cheese plates or crumble over salads to add a little sass. Liven up dips and spreads or place on tapas platters with smoked and cured meats. Melt over steak or chicken for the ultimate decadence or simply carve off small chunks and pair with your favorite wine.

Valdeón cheese is aged in caves across the Valdeón Valley in the northwest area of the Castilla-Leon region for at least two months until it achieves just the right amount of flavor and texture. This area has produced Valdeón cheese for many centuries. The process of making it differs from Cabrales due to the climate of the caves. Valdeón caves are less humid than their Cabrales counterparts and thus are less susceptible to certain molds, which are what help give Cabrales its characteristically strong taste. Valdeón is assertive without being harsh and delivers a complex array of flavors.

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