Stuffed Cocktail Olive Sampler (4 Jars)

Stuffed Cocktail Olive Sampler (4 Jars)

Delicious Hand-Stuffed Olives

Item: SA-28



  • Four premium stuffed olives
  • Anchovy and piquillo pepper stuffed Manzanillas, plus
  • Lemon and jalapeño stuffed Gordals
  • Ideal for your next cocktail party

Our delicious stuffed olives are a customer favorite, a perfect combination of crunchy olive with tasty stuffings like lemon peel, jalapeño or fresh anchovy. These olives are best served chilled along with a glass of your favorite wine. Lately we've heard more and more from our customers how fantastic our olives are in cocktails, from refreshing martinis to Bloody Marys.

Our anchovy stuffed olives are the belle of the ball, the magical combination of an extra plump manzanilla olive stuffed with the umami packed flavor of the anchovies. We don't know why the combination is so off-the-charts delicious, but we aren't complaining.

Next are the ultimate pimiento stuffed Manzanilla olives, a favorite within the La Tienda community! Each of these olives from Sevilla has an actual slice of fire roasted piquillo pepper harvested from the famous Lodosa region next to the vineyards of La Rioja in Northern Spain. The sweet and smoky flavor of the piquillo pepper lifts the olive to another level of flavor.

The other two olives are the heavyweights. We had an idea - take the most massive Gordal olives available and stuff them with whole slices of lemon peel and jalapeño. We worked with our friends at Torremar in Alicante to develop these exclusive olives for you to enjoy.

The peels of ripe lemons are folded and stuffed into the olives by hand, adding not only a bright citrus note but also a tangy crunch. And of course the whole piece of jalapeño brings the heat! Not too spicy, but a smoldering burn that is perfect with Bloody Marys and martinis.

Store these olives chilled and ready at your bar or in your kitchen. Use within a week of opening.