Turrón de Gin Tonic - Albert Adrià Line by Vicens

Turrón de Gin Tonic - Albert Adrià Line by Vicens

White Chocolate with Fizzy Gin Truffle

Item: TR-98

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  • With Gin Mare, artisan gin from Barcelona
  • White chocolate shell with creamy truffle
  • With lime chunks and a touch of fizz
  • By Albert Adrià of El Bulli
  • Turrons Vicens, founded in 1775
  • Size - 5.3 oz/150 gr

The people of Spain are wild about gin and tonics, and this delicious turrón captures the flavor of this classic drink in candy form. A shell of white chocolate encases a creamy truffle spiked with premium gin by Mare. Candied lime balances the gin, and there is even a touch of fizz to the truffle. Serve with a cup of freshly brewed coffee - or with your favorite gin and tonic!

Famed chef Albert Adrià created this delightful turrón candy with the candy masters at Torrons Vicens. Natural lime and premium gin are the key flavors, and the subtle white chocolate casing allows the flavors to shine through. He chose to feature Gin Mare, an innovative boutique gin distilled near Barcelona.

Albert Adrià and his brother Ferran ran the most influential restaurant in the world, El Bulli. When they closed the groundbreaking restaurant, Albert decided to strike out on his own. He runs multiple successful restaurants in Barcelona and continues his food innovation through collaborations like this one with Turrons Vicens. The Adrià brothers have always focused on taking common foods and presenting them in stunningly unexpected ways. The Gin Tonic turrón bar is a delicious example of this.

The candy masters at Torrons Vicens are the ones who make Albert's vision come to life! Since 1775, the candy masters at Vicens have made excellent turrón candy in the village of Agramunt. They are also curious and enjoy playing with innovative combinations, improvising new candies while referencing the more traditional turrón styles.

In 2016, Angel Velasco, the master turrón maker at Vicens, was awarded the title of “Best Pastry Chef in the World” at the prestigious Madrid Fusion food show. He was joined on stage by famed pastry chef Albert Adrià, who collaborated with him to create a line of dynamic new turrón flavors, such as Arroz con Leche, which is available at La Tienda.

Turrón from Agramunt has protected status (PGI) to ensure the quality and the candy-making tradition are protected from imitations. Turrón with this status must follow strict methods and must be made in the village of Agramunt.