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7.75 Inch Traditional Steel Paella Pan - Serves 1

$11.95 Rated 5 Stars
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7.75 Inch Traditional Steel Paella Pan - Serves 1

Serves 1 Person

$11.95pp-19 pp-19 pp-19
  • Single serving size
  • Made of traditional steel
  • Dimpled surface to disperse heat
  • Wipe down with olive oil for care
  • Safe for use with induction cooktops
  • Size - 7.75 in/20 cm

This is the traditional steel paella pan used by Spaniards for centuries. The pan bottom is dimpled in order to spread heat evenly. You can use this paella pan either in the oven, on top of the stove, or on an outdoor grill

As you use your steel paella pan it will become seasoned: changing color and absorbing more flavors as you continue to cook with it.

After each use, treat the pan as you would any steel or cast iron pan: wash it by hand, then season it with a light film of oil to retard rust. Should any rust appear, merely wipe it off.

All of our paella pans are made by a family in Valencia with over 50 years of experience in producing the finest cookware for paella.

Seasoning tip: If you coat the pan with olive oil and place it in a 350 F oven for two hours the process will help prevent rust.

This size is for a single serving. Safe for use with induction cooktops.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews Rated 5 Stars
  • Rated 5 Stars

    "just what I was looking for"

    Dan - Tonawanda, NY December 2019

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Great pans from a great brand from Spain, can’t wair to use them for tapas and serving Spanish cuisine."

    Kurt - Miami, FL October 2017

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Loved these mini paella pans. I have already made an individual paella in one of the pans and intend to use them for tapas dishes as well."

    V. - Durham, NC October 2017

  • Rated 4 Stars

    "Excellent personal size for Paella!"

    HUGH - St Charles, IL April 2013

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Solidly made and a very reasonable price."

    Henry - April 2010

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