Tortilla Española Omelets and Ceramic Serving Plate

Tortilla Española Omelets and Ceramic Serving Plate

Item: SA-13

One of Spain's Classic Comfort Foods, Perfectly Presented




  • Two all natural potato tortillas
  • Hand-painted ceramic server/flipper
  • Great introduction to tortilla Española
  • Quick and easy to prepare

The Spanish love their tortilla, and with good reason! This thick omelet, made with eggs and potatoes, is a comforting dish enjoyed across the country at any time of the day. Our tortillas are made in Spain and come ready to eat, with a gorgeous ceramic serving plate included!

When we first tried these tortillas, we were thrilled. Finally, we’d found a truly authentic Spanish tortilla! With a puff of steam escaping from each bite into the creamy mix of eggs and potatoes, this tortilla brings back memories of great tortillas we've tasted at tapas bars in Madrid.

Our all natural tortilla is made with five simple ingredients: eggs, potatoes and onions, with a bit of oil and salt. Creamy alioli or salsa brava make great accompaniments with each thick slice. It arrives frozen and is ready in minutes.

To complete the experience, we included a hand-painted ceramic dish designed just for tortillas. This dish is our secret weapon, not just for serving but also for cooking. Should you try to make your own tortilla, this dish is perfectly designed to help you through the challenge of flipping it, an important step in the recipe.

Once you taste this delicious tortilla, you may be inspired to make your own. This set is the perfect jump start to enjoying tortillas at home – with a ready-made version and the perfect serving platter.

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: tortilla española - 1.1 pounds each and ceramic server - 10 inches in diameter.

We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.