Terra Cotta Cazuela - 15 Inches

Terra Cotta Cazuela - 15 Inches

Lead-free, Oven Safe

Item: CA-10

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  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Great for traditional Spanish dishes
  • Lead-free, food safe
  • Size - 192 oz/24 cups

A 15-inch diameter, 3 inch deep terra cotta cazuela dish is a good size to cook garlic shrimp, fideua and all kinds of other paella dishes and other traditional dishes such as fabada for a large group.

Terra cotta is basic clay, low fired with an interior glaze. Our premium cazuelas are unique in that they are made by potters following the traditional Roman formula of mixing tiny pebbles into the clay which strengthens the dish and increases its heat retention. The handles are applied by hand. La Tienda is the only source of this kind of cazuela in America.

The glaze on the cazuela is perfectly safe for all applications - it contains no lead.

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