Sweet Red Pepper Marmalade by La Cuna

Sweet Red Pepper Marmalade by La Cuna

Small Batch, Sweet and Tangy

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All Natural



  • Small batch, handmade
  • Made with red bell peppers
  • Tart, sweet and delicious
  • Excellent for tapas and canapés
  • All natural, fresh ingredients
  • Size - 7 oz/200 gr

A taste of this amazing red pepper marmalade was a revelation. Sweet and tangy, with meltingly tender chunks of bell pepper, we couldn't help eating whole spoonfuls right from the jar!

The sauce really shines when paired with savory foods, like a sharp aged Manchego cheese. Roast lamb or grilled pork are elevated to a new level with just a scoop. Or add a spoonful to your next sandwich or pork barbecue.

The artisans at La Cuna are in no hurry. Each batch of ripe red bell peppers is sliced and sautéed in olive oil in a large, flat paella pan. The peppers simmer for hours, stirred by hand until they are caramelized. Only then is the marmalade spooned into jars and sealed for delivery.

La Cuna translates as "The Cradle." The founders named the company to remind themselves of their mission - to bring back the flavors of their childhood, made with loving care like they remember from their homes. Each recipe is all natural and made with exquisite patience to bring out the fullest flavor of the ingredients.

Pure and simple ingredients: red peppers, sugar and olive oil.

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