Cepa Vieja Reserva Sherry Vinegar by Vinagres de Yema

Cepa Vieja Reserva Sherry Vinegar by Vinagres de Yema

50 Year Solera - Barrel Aged

Item: VN-16 |

All Natural



  • Featured in Food & Wine magazine
  • Fancy Food Best Vinegar finalist
  • Solera style, barrel aged
  • From a 50 year old 'mother' vinegar
  • From El Puerto de Santa Maria
  • Size - 17 oz/500 ml

Fine, old sherry vinegars have a profound depth and complexity. Dry and bright with very little sweetness, Cepa Vieja Reserva is the ideal vinegar for salads or sliced cucumbers and is an essential flavor of authentic gazpacho. Years of aging in oak barrels impart a depth of flavor make ordinary wine vinegar seem flat and tasteless.

In the ancient cool bodegas of the sherry region of Spain, vinegar from Palomino grapes is aged in stacks of barrels called criaderas. Over time the bottom barrel is tapped, then topped up with the next younger vinegar above it, and so on. In that way each bottle contains a part “mother” vinegar that began over 50 years ago.

Cepa Vieja is ideal in chilled Gazpacho, salad dressings and to finish grilled vegetables. Any recipe will be enhanced with this great Spanish solera vinegar.

1998 Finalist in NASFT's Outstanding Oil, Vinegar, and Salad Dressing competition.

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