Salsa Tumaca - Traditional Fresh Tomato Spread

Salsa Tumaca - Traditional Fresh Tomato Spread

Fresh and Zesty Tomato Sauce

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All Natural

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  • A classic Spanish breakfast
  • All natural - No preservatives
  • Great with bread or tortilla Española
  • Size - 8.1 oz/230 gr

One of our favorite breakfasts in Spain is 'pan con tomate' or 'pa amb tomàquet' as they say in Catalunya. This consists of a toasted baguette rubbed with garlic and fresh ripe tomato with a little olive oil drizzled on top. Fresh, zesty and healthy, it is a treat you can find across southern and eastern Spain, but it is most famous in Catalunya.

At restaurants and bars, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil are often prepared ahead of time and served in a bowl ready for the customer to spoon it onto freshly toasted bread. Sometimes it is served with sliced chorizo, anchovies, cheeses or grilled vegetables which are enjoyed with the prepared bread.

Our friends at Navarrico have captured this flavor perfectly. The key is ripe, red tomatoes picked fresh in Navarra. They are blended with olive oil, fresh garlic and a touch of salt, and nothing else. No tomato paste, sugar or preservatives are added. So all you taste is that fresh tomato and garlic flavor!

Here at La Tienda we toast up a loaf of Galician bread in our break room and spoon on the salsa tumaca - what a great lunch! It also tastes wonderful served with hot tortilla española.

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