Saffron in Hand-Painted Jar by Princesa de Minaya

Saffron in Hand-Painted Jar by Princesa de Minaya

The Best in the World - Hand-Painted Jar

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All Natural



  • Intense aroma, flavor, and color
  • Ideal for paella
  • Packed in hand-painted jar
  • World's best, from 10 acre family plot
  • Select Category, Class I; DO La Mancha
  • Size - 2 grams

Princesa de Minaya is “An artisanal saffron of immense quality” quotes 'Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia' - the definitive gourmet food guide in Spain.

Owner María Angeles packs the saffron in a beautiful hand-painted ceramic jar from a neighboring potter. The pieces have become collectibles in Spain. You can refill and store your saffron for years to come. Each jar is 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

This saffron is Select Category Class I which is the highest quality possible. This means that a tiny pinch of this delicate spice imparts a warm floral flavor and heavenly aroma to paella and other dishes.

The Serrano family is focused on producing the finest saffron in La Mancha on their small 10 acre farm. They pick the crocus flowers by hand, then pluck each tiny stamen manually. This has a decisive effect on its aroma, flavor profile and coloring strength — and all three are very intense. Their production for the year is no more than fifty pounds. Your purchase supports this vanishing artisan industry.

For several generations the family of Maria Ángeles and Juan Antonio Serrano has cultivated the highest quality saffron in Spain – if not the world - on their ten acre plot. It takes about 400 crocus flowers to obtain the two grams of saffron you find packed in this bottle.

Since saffron is such a precious condiment, the market is being flooded with many inferior grades and outright counterfeits. The Serrano family affixes the ‘Denomination of Origin La Mancha’ seal on each jar, so that you will be guaranteed that Princesa de Minaya is actually grown in La Mancha, the site of the finest saffron (azafrán) in the world.