Extra Large Ceramic Mug

Extra Large Ceramic Mug

Perfect for Coffee or Hot Cocoa

Item: CM-09



  • Large, sturdy mug for coffee or cocoa
  • Hand painted and signed by the artist
  • Thrown by hand
  • From El Puente del Arzobispo
  • Food safe - Lead free - Hand-wash
  • Size - Holds 16 Ounces

Here is a coffee-lover's dream - 16 ounces of steaming coffee in a gorgeous hand-made mug. Once you start enjoying this beautiful piece, you will want to retire of all those random mass-produced crockery mugs in your cabinet.

Each of these sturdy large mugs is thrown by an artisan who forms each one on the pottery wheel and then paints it before personally signing it. Why not have something of quality? After all, it will be brightening your table or office desk for years.

The colorful decoration is a classic design from the famous pottery village of El Puente del Arzobispo. The main street of this town is filled with ceramics studios, a tradition which began generations ago due to the excellent quality of the local clay. Our supplier, Belén, supervises a small staff of townspeople and carries on a storied tradition of excellent ceramics.

As with any hand-painted ceramic, the designs and colors will vary from piece to piece.

Food safe, lead free, hand wash. Not for microwave use.

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