Hand-painted Bowl - 6 Inch Diameter

Hand-painted Bowl - 6 Inch Diameter

Painted by Hand - Dishwasher Safe

Item: CM-47

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  • Fabulous custom art by artisans in Spain
  • Beautiful design & dishwasher safe!
  • Size - 6 inches wide

These versatile bowls are a standard item in our family cupboard. We use them every day for a variety of things. The 6-inch diameter size is perfect for gazpacho, cereal, hot soup, salad, or even a half a grapefruit - the applications are many.

In another part of this site, you will see this colorful bowl as part of a Gazpacho set, accompanying a marvelously large and deep serving bowl. All in all, it is as versatile as it is bright and cheery.

As each piece is hand painted, the design and color will vary.

Dishwasher safe, food safe, lead free.