Roasted Piquillo Peppers by José Andrés Foods

Roasted Piquillo Peppers by José Andrés Foods

Smooth, Smoky and Sweet

Item: PQ-17 |

All Natural



  • Beechwood fire roasted
  • Great tapa with cheese or bread
  • Garnish fish or roasted meats
  • Presented by celebrated chef José Andrés
  • Made by the artisans at Rosara
  • Size - 6.7 oz/190 gr drained wt

There is no finer roasted pepper in the world than pimientos del piquillo.  Sweet and smoky, they have a firm yet tender texture.  They are delicious on top of a salad or paella, and they can be stuffed and roasted.  We prefer to eat them whole, drizzled with olive oil.

Chef José Andrés travels Spain, searching for the very best of Spanish cuisine.  He partnered with artisan producer Rosara to present authentic piquillo peppers under his brand.  Charred black over beechwood, each pepper is peeled by hand and packed in its own juice, preserving its amazing flavor with no water added.