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Piquillo Peppers - Extra Large Jar


Piquillo Peppers - Extra Large Jar

Fire Roasted + Hand Peeled - Equals Nearly 10 Small Jars | PQ-03

All Natural

pq-03 pq-03
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  • Sweet and tangy
  • Fire roasted and hand peeled
  • Big party sized jar
  • All natural - consume within 3 days of opening
  • Jumbo sized jar, equals nearly 10 small jars
  • Size - 4.2 lbs/1.9 kilos

If you look closely at the picture you will see an amazing work of art! The ladies that hand-peel these delightful peppers somehow place them in perfect order in the jar.

These sweet, fire roasted peppers are so good that a friend of ours had an open jar by her desk and feasted on them all day long! The brilliant red beauties are the perfect tapa for a festive party.

Note - this is an all natural pepper stored in its own juice. They should be eaten within a few days of opening the jar.

Pimientos del Piquillo are a unique, traditional specialty of Lodosa, a village in Navarra. They come from a unique variety of red peppers grown in Lodosa and its surrounding area in northern Spain.

Triangular in shape, they have a uniquely curved point (pico or piquillo in Spanish). You may have read about these celebrated peppers in the New York Times, Bon Appétit, Saveur, and Gourmet -- or perhaps you enjoyed them when you were in Spain.

These thin-fleshed, mild piquillo peppers are mature to a bright red hue. They are picked between late September and November each year. They are fire roasted immediately after harvest, peeled by hand and placed individually in a bottle in their own juice: no washing, no chemical treatment.

Heat the peppers, and then serve on toast with a little olive oil. They are also great on paella. One of the favorite ways to serve them is stuffed with fish, crab or shrimp.

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