Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Casas De Hualdo

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Casas De Hualdo

Flavorful Zesty Olive Oil

Item: OO-113 |

All Natural



  • Bold, flavorful olive oil
  • For the olive oil enthusiast
  • From the estate of Casas de Hualdo
  • First cold-pressed
  • From the region of Toledo
  • Size - 17 oz/500 ml

For the olive oil lover looking for a full-flavored olive oil, Picual is the finest. It is the classic flavor of Spain, aromatic and delicious. With notes of fresh herbs, banana and a pleasant spiciness, it is a bold flavorful partner for sherry vinegars on salads or fresh sliced vegetables. Also great for cooking, use it for sautéing fish and vegetables or for tortilla española potato frittata.

Casas de Hualdo is a finca located near the ancient city of Toledo. There in the Río Tajo valley the winters are harsh, and the summers are hot and dry, just the right environment for olive trees. The estate uses modern technology to monitor the health of the trees and the ground moisture to precisely adjust watering and pruning to keep the trees healthy. And healthy trees produce the finest quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Casas de Hualdo built their own pressing mill on the property, so the olives are cold-pressed within hours of harvest. Olives are essentially a fresh fruit, so if the harvested olives are left in the heat or not pressed quickly, the juice of this fruit will lose quality. Casas de Hualdo's focus is to offer the finest olive oil at the peak of quality.

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