Peralzola Azul Blue Cheese - 1.65 Pounds

Peralzola Azul Blue Cheese - 1.65 Pounds

Pasteurized Sheep's Milk Cheese from Asturias - Named Spain's Best Blue

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  • Won 1st place in Spain's Best Cheese Awards, 2011
  • Rich sheep's milk cheese
  • Creamy, mild blue cheese
  • From the mountains of verdant Asturias
  • 2011 Gold Medal in the World Cheese Awards held in UK
  • Size - 1.65 lbs/750 gr

This exceptionally rich blue cheese is rightfully acknowledged as one of Spain's finest blues, most recently winning Gold at the World Cheese Awards. Creamy and nutty, with a mild blue sharpness, it is ideal served with fresh fruit at your next wine tasting and is delicious on green salads.

Peralzola is unique among Spanish blue cheeses because it is made from rich sheep's milk. The verdant hillsides of Asturias in northern Spain are home to freely wandering sheep and cattle that graze on the fresh green grass of the region. Very fresh sheep's milk is delivered daily to the Quesería La Peral, a family owned artisan cheesemaker. Small batches of cheese mature over 60 days, and slowly develop into a fabulous blue cheese.

Quesería La Peral is a family cheese shop founded in 1923 by Antonio León Álvarez, and was made famous with its La Peral blue cheese, made from cow's milk. More recently, due to requests from customers, they created Peralzola, the only blue sheep's milk cheese in Spain.

La Peral is a tiny village located in the mountains of Asturias, surrounded by green pastureland, just miles from the blue waters of the Cantabrian Sea. The village has a population of little over 200 people, and Quesería La Peral is a central part of the community. We are proud to support this small artisan cheesemaker.


2011 - Gold Medal in the World Cheese Awards held in UK.

2011 - Best Blue Cheese of Spain - Mejores Quesos Españoles Awards

2010 - Silver Medal in the World Cheese Awards held in UK.

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