Pastel de Nata Custard Tarts with Berries by Nata Pura

Pastel de Nata Custard Tarts with Berries by Nata Pura

Rich Custard with Berries in a Flaky Crust

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  • Bake and serve tarts
  • Flaky crust holds creamy custard
  • Mixed berries for sweet and tangy flavor
  • Classic Portuguese confection
  • Frozen, four tarts per package
  • Size - 8.5 oz/240 gr

Pastel de nata tarts are beloved in Portugal. A light, flaky crust is filled with a a creamy custard filling sprinkled with sweet, tangy berries. They are a tasty indulgence with coffee in the morning or as a delightful dessert. 

These mixed berry pastel de nata pastries are baked in Porto and frozen. You simply bake them in your oven for ten minutes and serve the warm, rich confection. Our customers love them.

The berries in these pastries are red and black currants, which are tiny, dried grapes. They have a sweet, tangy flavor that balances perfectly with the rich custard.

Portuguese are fanatical about pastel de nata pastries (or pasteis de nata). The original recipe was created in the 18th century by Benedictine monks on the outskirts of Lisbon and quickly gained fame.

Pastel de nata eventually became the national pastry of Portugal. They are found in every café across the country, and are enjoyed as a breakfast pastry, a dessert or just a quick treat with an afternoon coffee.

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