Crema Catalana Almond Turrón Candy - Albert Adrià Line by Vicens

Crema Catalana Almond Turrón Candy - Albert Adrià Line by Vicens

Turrón with Almond and Caramel Praline

Item: TR-108

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  • Ground roasted almond and caramel candy bar
  • With 'carquinyolis’ cookies and cream liqueur
  • Rich, sophisticated confection
  • By Albert Adrià of El Bulli
  • Turrons Vicens, founded 1775
  • Size - 10.5 oz/300 gr

Crema Catalana is Catalunya’s famous caramelized dessert (crème brulee is a French imitation according to the Catalans!) Famed chef Albert Adrià was inspired to create this innovative and delicious confection to capture the essence of the iconic dessert. A combination of ground roasted almonds, caramel praline, carquinyolis cookies, chocolate and cream liqueur, this turrón bar is a sophisticated concert of flavors. Serve as a special treat with a cup of espresso or hot tea.

Albert Adrià founded the world renowned restaurant El Bulli with his brother Ferran in their native Catalunya. Albert continues to break conventions and create premium products in stunningly innovative ways. This crema catalana turrón bar is a perfect example.

Adrià partnered with the candy masters at Torrons Vicens to bring his vision to fruition. Since 1775 Vicens has crafted fine turrón candy in the village of Agramunt. They are curious and enjoy playing with innovative combinations, improvising new candies while referencing the more traditional turrón styles.