Mini Tortilla Española Potato Omelets by Peregrino (4 Pieces)

Mini Tortilla Española Potato Omelets by Peregrino (4 Pieces)

All Natural, Great for Snacking

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All Natural

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  • Four mini tortilla omelets
  • All natural, preservative free
  • Great snack or breakfast bite
  • Made with eggs, potatoes and onions
  • Microwave or cook in pan
  • Size - 4 per package - 7.76 oz/220 gr each

These tasty little tortilla española potato omelets are a delicious tapa or breakfast, ready in minutes. This all natural recipe of diced potatoes, eggs and sautéed onions is a comforting classic in bars and cafés across Spain. Now you can enjoy them at home any time.

Instead of cooking a fresh tortilla española at home from scratch, we often prefer to heat up one of these tortillas. The flavor is authentic, because the potatoes, eggs and other ingredients are from Spain, giving it a distinct flavor that is impossible to recreate here.

This tortilla is delicious, convenient and popular with kids and adults alike. You can even enjoy it as a last-minute dinner with alioli sauce and a side salad.

Your mini tortillas will arrive frozen.

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