Mini Cooking Chorizo Links by Peregrino

Mini Cooking Chorizo Links by Peregrino

Cantimpalitos - Great for the Grill or Paella - Free-Range, U.S. Made

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  • Bite sized chorizo sausages
  • Great on the grill or in paella
  • Made with smoky paprika
  • 40-50 links per package
  • Free-range pork
  • Size - 1 lb/450 gr

These little chorizos are one of our most popular Spanish sausages. Our favorite way to serve them is hot off the grill, speared with a toothpick - they are addictive! You can also sauté the 'cantimpalitos' mini chorizos in Spanish vino for an authentic tapa. The mini links make a nice garnish for paella. There are about 40 per package.

The recipe, made by a Spanish family now living in America, is typical of the classic chorizo found in the town of Cantimpalo in Old Castile.

These cantimpalitos are seasoned with imported Pimentón de la Vera, naturally smoked paprika milled in a nearby region. It lends a special flavor that is unique to Spain.

These chorizos are made from free-range pork, improving not only the quality of life for the pigs, but the quality of flavor for these tasty sausages.

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