Judión de La Granja White Beans - Extra Large Tin

Judión de La Granja White Beans - Extra Large Tin

Item: VG-21

Giant White Beans from Navarra



  • Firm and buttery
  • Large and plump
  • Essential for classic Spanish recipes
  • Ready to use - no soaking needed
  • Extra large tin
  • Size - 88 oz/2500 gr

These delicious white beans are extra large and plump, up to 2 inches long! Tender and creamy, they are a perfect addition to stews and salads.

In Spain, judión beans are stewed with chorizo sausage, morcilla and pork belly for a hearty stew. We enjoy them in a variety of soups or sautéed with jamón, and they are delicious as the star of a fresh white bean salad. Our tapas bar fries them in olive oil until crisp, a surprisingly satisfying tapa.

These all natural beans are prepared by our friends at El Navarrico, near the famed wine region of La Rioja.

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