Guindilla Peppers by El Navarrico - Extra Large Jar

Guindilla Peppers by El Navarrico - Extra Large Jar

Crisp Basque Peppers in Wine Vinegar - Jumbo Sized Jar

Item: VG-55



  • Tart and mildly spicy
  • Delicious as a tapa or served on salad
  • Extra large party sized jar
  • Famous pepper from the Basque region
  • Packed in white wine vinegar
  • Size - 63.5 oz/1800 gr

Guindillas are delicious little yellow-green peppers from the Basque Country. They have a tangy, slightly sweet flavor and a refreshing crunch. They have the heat level of banana peppers with a much fuller flavor.

Also known as piparras, these pickled peppers are delicious served with grilled seafood or added to a fresh salad. We love to serve them as a crunchy tapa with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. They are often part of "banderillas," which are skewered olives, peppers, pickles and onions.