Ground Mixed Torrefacto Coffee by Catunambú

Ground Mixed Torrefacto Coffee by Catunambú

Full-bodied and Robust

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All Natural

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  • 50% torrefacto beans
  • Use for an authentic cafe con leche
  • Ground and vacuum packed for freshness
  • Mix of beans from a dozen countries
  • The most famous Andalucian coffee
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250 gr

If you visit a café or restaurant in Spain and order coffee, it is very likely you’ll be served torrefacto coffee – a thicker, more flavorful brew than what is usually served here in the United States. Despite being the coffee of choice for many Spaniards, torrefacto coffee is quite hard to find as it is rarely imported into the United States. If you’ve been attempting to recreate the delicious café con leche you enjoyed in Spain, your search is over.

To produce torrefacto coffee, a portion of the whole coffee beans are coated with a fine mist of sugar prior to roasting. These sugar coated beans are blended with natural roast beans and the proportion of torrefacto beans in the mix determines the intensity of the coffee. This ground blend is 50% torrefacto and yields a full-bodied, robust cup of coffee with none of the bitterness you expect in a regular cup of coffee.

Catunambú believes that great coffee is born from a combination of the very best coffee beans available and careful roasting. Catunambú blends 10 different varieties of beans from the very best coffee regions in Latin America and Africa to achieve their unique flavor and aroma. By using the best kinds of coffee in the world, Catunambú’s coffee blend is unsurpassed.

Founded by Juan Ferrer over a hundred years ago, Catunambú is the coffee of Andalusia. Quality is the top priority for this 100% Andalusian company based in Sevilla. For decades Spaniards have enjoyed Catunambú coffee at their cafés throughout Sevilla and now you can enjoy this taste of Andalusia in your own home!

This coffee is vacuum packaged with a patented “Goglio Valve” to guarantee that it reaches the customer at the peak of aroma and flavor. Ground coffee is vacuum packed immediately after roasting to preserve its freshness.

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