Gordal Olives Stuffed with Whole Almonds

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Whole Almonds

Hand Stuffed - Smooth with Extra Crunch

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All Natural

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  • Crunchy, with subtle almond taste
  • Meaty Gordal queen olives
  • Hand stuffed with whole, skinless Largueta almonds
  • Marinated in salt, water and vinegar
  • Size - 198 gr/6.98 oz

Sweet, nutty and salty tastes intermingle to create this exceptionally flavored and generously sized olive. Gordal olives have a meaty texture and mild flavor. Discover the slight crunch and sweet flavor of an entire almond stuffed by hand into each mammoth olive!

The gourmet almonds used to stuff these colossal Gordal olives are the Largueta variety, a favorite Spanish nut. Similar to the Marcona almond, but crunchier and lower in fat, these delicious bites are simple, pure and flavorful with a pinch of salt.

Eat these tiny treasures right out of the jar, or place them in bowls at cocktail parties. Skewer them with cheese and peppers or add them to tapenades.

We obtain these olives from a family-owned company in Carmona who stuff each olive by hand. Carmona is a charming city housed on a ridge overlooking Andalucía and is filled with delightful attractions such as a refurbished castle on the top of a mountain.

We recommend serving these almond-stuffed olives chilled for the best flavor.