Gordal Olives Stuffed with Seville Orange by Torremar

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Seville Orange by Torremar

Extra Large Olives Stuffed with Orange Peel

Item: OL-90

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  • Bright citrus aroma and flavor
  • Extra large, firm Gordal olives
  • Hand stuffed with fresh orange peel
  • Perfect for appetizers and cocktails
  • Size - 4.9 oz/140 gr drained weight

Vibrant orange peels peek out from each of these giant Gordal olives. As you bite into the firm olive, the vibrant citrus flavor emerges, a surprisingly tasty combination.

Serve these olives in decorative dishes at parties instead of traditional, plain olives or alongside cheeses. They also add a new dimension to martinis and cocktails when you replace the usual citrus twist.

Large pieces of Seville orange rind are cut and carefully hand stuffed into each olive by artisans at Torremar, in Alicante, Spain. These stuffed olives are packed in a salt and water mixture. Serve them chilled for optimal taste.

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