Gordal Olives Stuffed with Lemon by Torremar

Gordal Olives Stuffed with Lemon by Torremar

Extra Large Olives Stuffed with Lemon Peel

Item: OL-91

2 for $15.00


  • Extra large queen Gordal olives
  • Hand stuffed with lemon peel
  • Perfect balance of brine and citrus
  • Great for cocktails and appetizers
  • Size - 4.9 oz/140 gr drained weight

Bite into the firm, crunchy Gordal olive and taste the tart, refreshing flavor of lemon through the brine. Each giant queen olive is hand stuffed with slices of lemon peel.

Skewer with tangy cheese and mild peppers for a flavorful tapa or simply place in a bowl at the bar and side tables for cocktail parties. Also a tasty garnish for a Bloody Mary or a classic martini — among other gin and vodka-based cocktails — this gourmet olive is flavorful and versatile.

The peel of the lemon is cut by hand and individually stuffed into these massive olives by artisans at Torremar in Alicante, a third generation family company.

We recommend serving these lemon stuffed olives chilled for optimal flavor.

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