Folding Jamón Holder by Sagra

Folding Jamón Holder by Sagra

Sturdy and Easy to Store - Socially Responsible Supplier

Item: JH-16

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  • For slicing bone-in Spanish hams
  • Folds for easy storage
  • No assembly necessary
  • Made with help from the disabled
  • Heavy duty food-safe polyethylene

This sleek ham holder is the perfect way to present your Serrano or Ibérico ham. Once secured, you are ready to safely cut beautifully thin slices for friends and family. Made with sturdy food-safe polyethylene and stainless steel hardware, this jamonero is an attractive holder that will last for many years.

This sturdy ham holder is best for a whole bone-in ham (boneless hams are too small to fit in this size holder). Properly cared for, a bone-in jamón can be stored in the holder at room temperature for several days, or up to two weeks.

Sagra is a family company founded with a passion for the fine art of carving jamón. Their other mission is social responsibility, and each of these ham holders is made in Spain with the help of people with disabilities. We are proud to offer these fine jamón holders knowing that each one represents a chance for handicapped people to lead a more fulfilling life each day.

Your ham holder is ready to use right out of the box. Simply unfold and position your jamón for slicing. After use, clean with soap and water. Then fold it up and store it until your next ham arrives!

Sagra works with AFANDICE, an association whose purpose is to protect the rights of people with disabilities (intellectual, physical and sensory) and their families, and to improve their quality of life. Their ultimate goal is providing social integration and enriched lives.

Also, thanks to their partnership with the NGO, the purchase of each Sagra holder will preserve 10 square feet of rain forest biodiversity.