Flor de Garum Fish Sauce by Matiz

Flor de Garum Fish Sauce by Matiz

Delicious Umami Sauce

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All Natural

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  • Light fish sauce from Roman recipe
  • Umami blast for pasta, soups or paella
  • Beautiful amphora bottle
  • Made with fish, salt and spices
  • All natural
  • Size - 3.38 fl oz/100 ml

This delicate fish sauce adds a deep savory flavor to soups, pastas and seafood paella. Garum was the most popular sauce in the Roman Empire, made from the plentiful anchovies of the Mediterranean. Now this ancient sauce is once again available to season your favorite dishes with a blast of umami.

Garum originated during the time of the Phoenicians and ancient Greeks, and became wildly popular as a condiment during the Roman Empire. The Mediterranean coast of Spain was famed for the quality of its garum, with large production facilities in Cádiz, Malaga, Tarifa and Cartagena. Garum was shipped across the empire in ceramic amphorae, the inspiration for this amphora shaped glass bottle.

Much like soy sauce, Worcestershire or Asian fish sauce, garum adds a rich umami taste, the savory flavor characteristic of broths and cooked meats. The sauce rounds out the overall flavor of any dish, and is particularly tasty in pastas, soups and grilled meats and vegetables. We feature it as a condiment on our table whenever we need a boost of deliciousness!