Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Kit by José Andrés Foods

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Kit by José Andrés Foods

Set of Four Cold Pressed Olive Oils in Mini Tasting Bottles

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  • Four exceptional cold pressed olive oils
  • Taste and compare the different varietals
  • Packed in an attractive gift box
  • Presented by chef José Andrés
  • Produced by the artisans at Casas de Hualdo
  • Size - 4 x 0.84 fl oz/25 ml

Discover the delicious flavors of Spain’s best cold pressed extra virgin olive oils with this attractive tasting kit. Celebrated chef José Andrés selected premium olive varietals from the estate of Casas de Hualdo, near the storied city of Toledo. Much like the grapes that produce fine wine, each kind of olive has a distinct flavor profile and aroma. This tasting kit is a fun way to taste and discover the different flavors of Spanish olive oil.

The first tasting bottle holds elegant Arbequina olive oil. Pressed from tiny nut-brown Arbequina olives, it is a mild, fruity oil with a subtle palate of fresh herbs, tomato and artichoke. Drizzle it on salads, sautéed vegetables or fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

Picual is a bold, spicy cold-pressed oil for the olive oil enthusiast. This purple/tan olive has hints of green leaf, banana and mint and a bright peppery finish. Picual is great with flavorful greens like arugula or bok choy or to add dimension to stews or lamb dishes. It is an excellent dipping oil.

This Cornicabra extra virgin oil is from Toledo, in central Spain. With its green leaf and apple flavors, it is perfect for rice dishes like paella and seafood. It is just as tasty served with fresh bread.

In his Secret Blend, José has selected an exquisite blend of Spain's finest oils, beautifully balanced. Fruity and herbal with a touch of spice, it is a champion of the olive oil tasting and perfect for salads, seafood and grilled vegetables.

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