All Natural Capers in Brine by Coquet

All Natural Capers in Brine by Coquet

Delicious on Salads, Fish and Pasta

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All Natural

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  • All natural premium capers
  • Tender and delicious
  • Flavor boost for salads, seafood and pastas
  • Packed in white vinegar brine
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Size - 8.45 oz/250 ml

These tiny capers from Spain add a subtle zestiness that brightens up all sorts of dishes - soups, salads, stews, pastas, grilled fish, chicken, and more. These tender little bursts of flavor bring a complexity and nuance to your favorite recipe.

The caper is the flower bud of the Capparis Spinosa, a wild shrub that grows along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The flower buds last only a few hours, and must be picked by hand in the morning and immediately pickled. Finally they are placed in white wine vinegar brine, ready to add flavor to your next dish.