Bonito del Norte Tuna Belly in Olive Oil by José Andrés Foods

Bonito del Norte Tuna Belly in Olive Oil by José Andrés Foods

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All Natural

Tender Ventresca Tuna Belly

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  • Super tender, rich tuna belly
  • Hand-cut from bonito del norte tuna
  • Serve with fresh bread and sparkling Cava wine
  • Presented by celebrated chef José Andrés
  • Made by the artisans at La Pescadora
  • Size - 2.85 oz/81 gr drained wt

Ventresca is the belly of the bonito del norte tuna. Rich and tender with a silky texture, ventresca is a rare delicacy. Serve with freshly baked bread or simple crackers or add to a green salad. Perfect paired with a cool glass of Txakoli white wine.

Bonito del Norte translates as "beauty of the north," and these plump little tuna are prized for their mildness and rich texture. Each fish is line-caught by hand when they migrate to the Cantabrian sea after they have fattened up on anchovies and sardines. The ventresca bellies are cut by hand and packed in tins, then covered in olive oil.

For his personal collection of tuna, Chef José Andrés works with with La Pescadora, an artisan cannery on the Basque coast. They only work with fresh bonito del norte tuna, never frozen. Each batch is carefully prepared and masterfully preserved.

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