Blue and Yellow Ceramic Tapas Plate

Blue and Yellow Ceramic Tapas Plate

Handcrafted Tapas Dish

Item: CM-108



  • Hand-painted and handmade
  • Serve tapas or snacks in Spanish style
  • Signed by the artist
  • Food safe, lead free
  • Size - 7 inches wide

Serve some of Spain’s most traditional fare on a beautiful, hand-painted ceramic dish crafted in El Puente del Arzobispo, a small town famous throughout Spain for its ceramics. Guests will marvel at the beautiful designs they uncover with each bite of smoky cheese, mouthwatering meats, crusty breads and other decadent delights. These beautifully designed plates are versatile enough for everyday snacking and dining, or dressing up tapas for a Spanish-themed feast.

When our pursuit of the most authentic Spanish-made ceramics led us to the town of El Puente del Arzobispo within the Province of Toledo, we were immediately allured by its charm and tradition. Strolling down narrow, winding streets filled with clay-lined cellars of ceramic artisans and makers, we understood why the area has been the center of handmade ceramics for well over a thousand years. The quality and beauty of the ceramics in El Puente del Arzobispo and the neighboring village of Talavera de la Reina have set the bar against which all other Spanish hand-painted ceramics are measured.

Every stroke of design is hand painted by skilled artisans and therefore each plate bears its own unique markings - no two are the same. Display in glass cabinets or perch on plate stands as colorful décor when you’re not tempting guests with tapas and snacks.

Hand wash these beautiful plates to preserve their glazes and color intensity.

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