Azahar Orange Blossom Hand Cream by Benditaluz

Azahar Orange Blossom Hand Cream by Benditaluz

Light Hand Cream with Orange Blossom

Item: BL-24

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  • Floral orange blossom scent
  • Light and easily absorbed
  • With squalene and allantoin
  • Healing and moisturizing
  • Women-owned company in Seville
  • Size - 1.69 fl oz/50 ml

Benditaluz orange blossom hand cream absorbs easily, healing and moisturizing with the delicate scent of 'azahar' or orange blossom. This exceptional hand cream is light and can be used with any skin type. The lovely packaging makes this a nice gift for yourself or friends.

The special ingredient is the essential oils of Seville bitter orange blossoms, which help moisturize and revitalize your skin. Rich in Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, this hand cream helps soothe and heal dry skin.

In the spring, bitter oranges line Seville’s meandering streets and each year only a small portion of the 25,000 orange trees in Seville are harvested for food. The rest of the fallen oranges are picked up by public services to keep the city clean. Benditaluz was inspired to use these iconic oranges to make high-quality, naturally produced cosmetic products.

Benditaluz is a small artisan company owned by Ana García who lives in Sevilla. La Tienda strives to support women-owned companies in Spain.