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Artichoke Heart Pâté by La Cuna


Artichoke Heart Pâté by La Cuna

Delicious Spread for Canapés

All Natural

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  • Rich, creamy and flavorful
  • Tasty pâté for canapés
  • Fresh, all natural ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Bursting with artichoke flavor
  • Size - 6.3 oz/180 gr

This creamy pâté is bursting with artichoke flavor, perfect for spreading on crostini or as a condiment for roasted vegetables or grilled lamb. Fresh artichoke hearts are lovingly prepared at La Cuna with olive oil and a touch of garlic and then blended into a rich pâté.

The secret to the wonderful taste and texture of La Cuna’s artichoke pâté is the hand preparation of top quality ingredients. The artisans at La Cuna take no shortcuts. Each batch of ingredients is sliced and cooked slowly, then blended into a heavenly spread.

La Cuna literally means “The Cradle" in Spanish. The founders wanted the company name to reflect their mission - to prepare the foods of their youths, made with the same loving care as at home. Each recipe is all natural and made with patience to bring out the true flavor of the ingredients.

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