Artisan Apricot Preserves

Artisan Apricot Preserves

Made from Andalucían Apricots

Item: FP-24

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  • Delicious preserve with toast
  • Packed with fresh fruit
  • Jalancina is renowned for quality
  • Top rated by Spain's preeminent food guide
  • Size - 9.7 oz/275 gr

Jalancina apricot preserve is packed with delicious fruit, ideal spread on toast or a warm English muffin. Tree ripened apricots from Andalucía are the key, and our artisan producer carefully selects each batch to ensure the finest quality.

These delightful preserves are virtually homemade by a family in the village of Jalance in sunny Valencia. Juan Carlos García brings a perfectionist's eye for detail to preserves, choosing only the finest fruit and working tirelessly to perfect the recipe. The Jalancina preserves he makes are rated as the finest in all of Spain by to the most famous gourmet guide: “Lo mejor de la gastronomía española.”

In 1922, Antonio Garcia Cerdan delivered his first peach harvest to UCASA (Union Conservera y Arrocera) in Jalence. This cooperative, located near Valencia, created a method to prepare exceptional preserves, and the Garcia family was there at the beginning.

In 1965, Carlos Garcia Rubio bought UCASA and the famous collection of Jalancina mermeladas was born. If you look at the jar you will see the little Valencian girl whom Carlos named "Jalancina" - a lady from Jalance, the town where the original kitchen continues to create these exquisite preserves.