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La Tienda in the Press

LA Weekly - June 08, 2012

La Tienda Launches Spanish Food and Culture Learning Site

I is for Idiazábal
Garrett Snyder

wheels of cheeseDo you ever find yourself having this reccurring nightmare in which you're hanging out with Ferran Adriá in San Sebastián and he starts showing you these crazy ingredients but you can't understand a word of his thick, heavily accented Catalan?

Uh, yeah, us neither.

But on the off-chance you want to learn more about the culinary vocabulary of Spain, which might prove handy when perusing menus these days, online Spanish food store La Tienda has launched Learning@LaTienda, an interactive website to help España neophytes familiarize themselves with cuisine and culture by using flash cards, regional bios and "hablo" images.

You can learn everything from what makes a proper jamon iberico to how to judge the quality of wheel of manchego. If you're planning a Spanish dream vacation, or just interested in learning more about one of Europe's most influential culinary capitals, the site aims to be a lot more informative than watching Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow feed each other olives for an hour on PBS.

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