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La Tienda in the Press

Conde Nast Traveler - December 01, 2009
Conde Nast Traveler

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Julia Bainbridge

Roureda Licorella

"One of the hazards of writing about wine is that you can transform a previously obscure region suddenly into a star. That, in turn, brings star prices. Six years ago I watched this happen to the wines from Priorat, a rugged enclave southwest of Barcelona, after I reported from there in this magazine (For Whom The Wine Pours, December 2003). Some of the Priorat reds I tasted then were selling for $70 a bottle, and soon they were hitting $200. So here's the good news: You can find a 2005 vintage Priorat red that in every way is the quintessence of the region for $27.95. It's called Roureda Licorella (the flavors mingling in Priorat include a signature hint of licorice). Moreover, it's being offered at a discount by La Tienda, a specialist in gourmet products from Spain (including the finest olive oils and hams), so you could pair the wine with an exceptional ham, a sampler of Iberico de Bellota ($34.50), from a rare breed of acorn-fed porkers, a marriage made in foodie heaven."
Recommended by Clive Irving, Senior Consulting Editor

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