Sherry Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez by Gutierrez Colosia

Sherry Vinegar with Pedro Ximenez by Gutierrez Colosia

Balanced with a Touch of Sweetness

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  • Solera aged in oak
  • Dry sherry vinegar with a touch of sweetness
  • Full, complex flavor
  • Family owned bodega
  • 7% acidity
  • Size - 8.45 fl oz/375 ml

This delicious sherry vinegar has a vibrant flavor with a bold acidity balanced by a touch of sweetness. Once the initial flavor recedes, it has a long, warm, mildly sweet aftertaste. We use this vinegar on salads, in sauces and on grilled vegetables.

This special vinegar is a mix of dry reserva sherry vinegar, with a touch of Pedro Ximenez wine for a hint of sweetness.

Gutierrez Colosia is a family owned bodega from the sherry town of El Puerto de Santa María. Sherry is made using the 'solera' aging process, where wines are mixed with older vintages as they age, balancing the flavors of different harvests. This sherry vinegar is made the same way.

Pedro Ximenez grapes have a higher sugar content and are partially dried in the sun before they are pressed to make wine or vinegar. This process creates a full flavored wine and is quite costly since the amount of juice extracted from the dried grapes is smaller. A small amount of this precious wine is added to the vinegar to add a bit of sweetness and a real depth of flavor.

Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia is a family bodega owned by Juan Carlos and his wife Carmen in El Puerto de Santa María. Their focus is on artisan, top quality sherries and vinegars. Every week Juan Carlos tastes from each barrel to ensure that theirs is among the best in the world.

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