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Deluxe Solid Hardwood Ham Holder - 'Salamanca'

Image for Deluxe Solid Hardwood Ham Holder - 'Salamanca'

Deluxe Solid Hardwood Ham Holder - 'Salamanca'

Handmade from African Sapele Hardwood | JH-02

jh-02 jh-02
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  • Made of thick, solid hardwood
  • Perfect for slicing bone-in jamón
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Made in Guijuelo, Salamanca
  • By Igoal

This 'Salamanca' jamonero features a heavy-gauge stainless steel ring within which the hoof is clamped. The base of the holder is in the shape of a ham leg, and is made of solid hardwood over an inch thick. Because it is hand-made of the finest of African wood and the highest quality hardware, the 'Salamanca' Jamonero is the standard against which all other jamoneros are judged.

Over the years we have visited dozens of highly respected suppliers of both venerable Serrano hams and the peerless 'Pata negra' Iberico hams. Although there were certainly all sorts of variations in creating their special ham, one detail stood out - Without exception they presented the pride of their jamones in a holder made in a small shop in Guijuelo, Salamanca - the center for Iberico ham in Spain.

Within this workshop, Don Paulino Pantaleon, his wife Isabel Gomez Alonso, son Marcos and daughter Elisa have being designing and creating these jamoneros for decades. The artistry of the Pantaleon family is extraordinary. It is easy to see why every restaurant of significance in Spain insists of having their work: they provide great utility for the ham carver, are made of the highest quality materials and have a distinctive unifying design.

Don Paulino Pantaleon is one of the master ham carvers of Spain. He is highly revered in Japan where Spanish jamon is viewed as a culinary treasure. His wife Isabel and their son and daughter work together to make the wooden Ham stands from an extremely hard wood from the Sapele forests of Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. This dense wood, which is harder than African mahogany, is one and one half inches thick so that it is heavy enough to make slicing a joy.

As with the 'Ibérico' jamonero, our favorite touch is the hand-carved acorn - or bellota - that completes the fastener which holds the ham in place. All of the hardware is made of solid, heavy gauge stainless steel, for a flawless presentation.

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