Razor Clams in Brine by Ramón Peña

Razor Clams in Brine by Ramón Peña

Navajas de Galicia

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All Natural



  • Meaty, flavorful clams
  • Harvested by hand in Galicia
  • Rich and delicious
  • Poached and packed by hand
  • Size - 4.05 oz/115 gr

Razor clams are a long slender shellfish harvested by hand in the cool waters of Galicia. Known as ‘navajas’ in Spain, these clams are rich and meaty, with a firm bite. Our favorite way to serve them is sautéed in garlic and olive oil with a loaf of fresh bread to sop up the juices. Or you can serve them chilled on top of a fresh salad.

Navajas are harvested on the sandy beaches of Galicia, where the rivers meet the cool Atlantic. They are dug out by hand and then poached in seawater. They are then packed by hand in brine.

Galicia is in the north of Spain, surrounded by the cold north Atlantic waters. This region is the source of most of Spain’s canned seafood, which is thought of as a gourmet product. Ramón Peña is a small family company, focused on producing premium quality seafood.

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